Jose Herraez Melo

Constantly Learning.
If you've come all the way here, I'm more interesting than I thought! Let me open up to you... I have a true passion for learning new things on a daily basis, particularly related to current global affairs and how to enhance the life of the future by building objective driven communities. Having managed Huawei Mobile Spain previously at Vipnet360, I am now managing Groupon's digital account directly for the Spain region. It's fascinating how tech is playing such a big role in our lives, currently changing the way we face new challenges, so being at the frontline of this movement, its pretty awesome!


Born in Madrid, I have lived in many places around the world including Portugal, Brazil, Spain and the UK. Most of my education has been through the UK system in both KESW and Westminster Univeristy London. Studying at these establishments gave me the priceless opportunity to be in a culturally diverse atmosphere; meeting and connecting with people from all over the world.


I have made the decision to come back to my roots for a while and I am enjoying Spain as much as I can, its a great country, specially if you've been away for almost a decade. I am currently looking to get involved in more innovative and disruptive projects to keep progressing both personally and professionally while contributing in building a better world for us all.