Jose Herraez Melo

Enhancing Digital Brands
I grew up in Madrid, in a constantly changing environment. Throughout my life, I have always been on the move and lived in countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Brazil, allowing me to build a strong international profile. Most of my education has been through the UK system in both King Edward’s Witley and Westminster University, in London. Studying at these establishments has given me the priceless opportunity to be in a culturally diverse atmosphere; meeting and connecting with people from all over the world and allowing me to adapt as a local under many flags.

Since an early age, I have had a true passion for the digital world. I remember building up websites & communication plans for clients when I was 16 years of age at my parents attic, confident that I will make a difference. Since then, I have been working closely with both individuals and businesses in taking their digital to the next level.

Recently, having previously managed Groupon Spain & Italy, Orange Spain and Huawei Mobile Spain digital operations at Vipnet360, I am currently working as Territory Manager for Uber, specifically UberEats, where I execute operative, digital strategies to optimize gastronomical experiences from the Madrid office. It’s fascinating how digital is continuing to play such an important role in our lives, changing the way we communicate and how we learn new things, so being at the frontline of this movement, its pretty awesome.

This 2019/20, my mission is to become more involved in empowering people and businesses in taking their digital brands one step further by building meaningful communities. A brand has way more power when its backed by a strong, loyal community.