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Jose Herraez

Scaling Digital Businesses
Jose is currently the Digital Growth Manager at Astara with over seven years of experience in digital marketing having planned and executed marketing strategies at a high level for brands such as GSK, Red Bull, Uber Eats, Santander, Huawei and others.
Born in Madrid, he is half Portuguese & half Spanish and holds a degree in Business Management & International Business from the University of Westminster in London, where he has lived for over eight years.
His most recent experiences have been at Accenture and previously Uber Eats where he has played a key role in scaling its marketing operations, automating processes and boosting user growth & acquisition.
Jose's passion for entrepreneurship has enabled him to build solid digital businesses and strong, reputable personal brands for individuals across the globe.
However, his most challenging yet self-rewarding venture has been the one of building a family. Family means the world to him and it ressembles the true essence of his being.