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Choose a wordpress theme
Choosing a WordPress theme is no easy task, but they are great to save you both time and money when developing a website. If you’re not tech orientated then a theme is the best option for you due to the level of customization you can incorporate without the need to know any code.
However, there are a few things to consider when choosing themes:


There are free templates, but I’m not going to talk to you about those. Premium WordPress templates range between $ 70 and $ 100 and are of great quality. There are numerous reasons to choose a premium WordPress template, but basically what you have to think about is that for less than € 100 you can give your blog or site a professional look without the need to hire a proper agency that charges around $2K for one.


What functions do you want your blog or site to have? It is not the same to build a membership site as a corporate blog. To convert your site into the base of operations of your business, you must pay special attention to this. In order to reach your objectives, you’ll need to invest in a digital theme that looks flexible and scalable, allowing you to do what you want to do. That is why it is important that you define your goals.

Additional customization

What if you want to change the layout? All WordPress templates allow customization far beyond the demos presented by vendors on their sales pages. You must choose a WordPress template that you really like, but later on you will surely ask for something more. For example, change fonts, colors, some retouching of the CSS style sheet … Find a template that allows you to customize it to the fullest.


The ‘layout’ or layout of the template also influences the flexibility of your site. There are templates that have a sidebar, others that have two, others that have articles in the form of a magazine or magazine (that is, that resemble a magazine with photos and text), others that allow you to place a slider or slide show … Think about what you want to offer in your site: Are you going to put advertising or banners? Is the content of your site going to be visual or text type? Are you going to need a specific ‘landing page’ format integrated into the template or do you prefer a third party tool for this purpose? If you can, analyse in depth the demos of the providers that you like, to see if that is what you need.


Identify a niche for your website which normally resembles your business niche. It makes it easier when picking a theme as they are already built themes for different business & industry types.

Get your theme

Now that you have taken all these information into consideration, we are going to recommend a few theme providers that are excellent to help you choose the perfect theme. Themeforest, is our favorite. The level of depth, quality and support is great and the authors involved in the Envato marketplace are of really high quality. If you can’t find any themes that you like on themeforest, we further recommend Template Monster and Elegant Themes.

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