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I've known Jose for a number of years having both studied, worked and played football at a competitive level with him. He display the highest level of professionalism and commitment whilst working on projects and assignments and is very dedicated to ensuring a high standard of work. He is incredibly hard working and focused and is very willing to give his full all the time. I highly recommend working with Jose if you have the opportunity as he is very talented, being multilingual, full of creative ideas and always working hard.

Michael Healy

Founder at Unit Ventures / Unit Network


I've enjoyed working with Jose on web development projects.
He is very skilled and good at communicating progress and delivering on his word. A great pleasure to work with him and recommend him to anyone seeking web development.

Ben Chung

Owner of Nature with us


I managed Jose's team for almost a year and it was a real pleasure working with him. Since day one he demonstrated fast adaptability to a new role/sector and great enthusiasm on every endeavour. Jose brought a wide variety of skills to the team and really served as a mentor to more junior members. His interpersonal skills enabled him to build long-lasting relationships with key partners built out of trust and true commitment to doing what is right, period. He is a key contributor to a healthy work environment and a team player who always puts the team first to his own goals. Throughout our time together he continuously evolved as a professional harvesting new abilities every day. I'm sure he will excel on every role (as he did during our time together) and am sure every manager would be pleased to count him on his team.

Carlos Reina

Head of Growth at Bulb


I've been working for a few months with Jose, and I've been impressed by his sense of ownership. Jose has been able to identify and focus on a few key initiatives to allow his team to meet its goals.
Jose is also a good team player who never hesitates to provide honest feedback and help his teammates.

Thomas Thewissen

Head of Operations at Uber Eats NYC


I've worked almost two years with Jose at Uber and I can say he's a really talented professional. During this time he demonstrated great creativity and analytical skills. Jose is an example of a completed marketer profile.
As a Territory Account Manager for the expansion areas at Uber Eats he demonstrated great commercial, operational and marketing skills.
I'm sure he could bring his experience and talent in every company.

Manuel Il Grande Almonacid

CSA EMEA at Genesys


From my experience working with Jose, Jose is a very knowledgeable CMO.

He knows about new trends, always comes up with fresh new ideas and he believes in what he does. He is good at offline and online Marketing which I think it's essential when working with diverse stakeholders.

Because of his international experience, he knows how to adapt to different projects and he is always ready to try new things, and I admire that.

His management style is very open, as he lets others contribute to final business decisions.

I would love to work with Jose again when the time comes, as I believe that working with him will make your business step up to another level.

Sylvia Nicolas

Head of HR


Jose is dedicated, ambitious and result driven professional. He is the kind of person that delivers under pressure and constantly looks for ways to improve the business. There was never a situation in which Jose didn´t deliver more than expected. 

Juan Montesi

Senior Digital Manager


Ivan Y. MBA