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The importance of personal branding

In this day and age, the importance of personal branding has never been as crucial. People often believe that creating your own digital identity comes down to being time consuming and costly, although that is far from reality. There are many services out there that can help you get started. However, if you’re looking to really build something around your name and potentially use it long-term, the best advice would be to partner up with someone who can teach you how to self-manage your own digital brand.

We all have a personal brand…

You see, if you already have a social profile, you already possess some sort of personal brand. Everyone has one, it’s just most people haven’t looked for ways to strengthen it.

Forget your age, your current situation and the factors that might limit your decision making towards building your personal brand. Whether you are looking to get into the university of your choice, become a freelancer, apply for a specific job or just for the sake of owning your own piece of “digital land” on the internet, having your own personal brand, website and social profiles qualitatively active, can go a long way.

Let’s face it, our personal data is being used and sent to multiple entities everyday. Our tastes, decisions, photos and activities are publicly available for anyone to judge. Enabling your own digital brand, you place your at the first page of the search engines, allowing you to showcase and share exactly what you want people to read and know about you.

The vast majority of professionals, if not all, will check your digital profile and content to know who they are meeting up with beforehand. It seems that today’s first impressions are digital centered, take advantage. Additionally, the reality of having full control of your own data seems appealing enough, right? Wait until this becomes the norm and you actually get paid for sharing your data to companies that so freely use it today.

My journey until now has been full of challenging decisions, both personally and professionally and it wouldn’t have played the same way without my personal brand. Having my own digital place has allowed me to create a sense of direction on who I want to become since a young age and build solid relationships with all sorts of individuals and businesses internationally. People seem to be more inclined in contacting you outside of the social media spectrum, specially if it’s serious stuff.

So, how can you get started:

  1. Define what will constitute your digital brand.
  2. Clean your social profiles.
  3. Google your full name and delete from 3rd parties the information that’s not relevant to your brand.
  4. Build up a website in blog, CV or portfolio mode to showcase your brand and core competencies.
  5. Link it all back to your website and produce quality content.

If you’ve never considered this option, I strongly recommend that you do so. It’s the most effective way in promoting and securing a strong positioning, acquiring differentiation and increasing your targeted reach. This is a world of networks and connections, use it to its full potential.

More related content to be shared soon.

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